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The Teacher Education Cohort Programs are geared toward working professionals interested in becoming Elementary and or Special Education Practitioners. The program is comprised of a two 10 week semester sessions.  Each session, a student may earn six credit hours. Approximately 12 credits will be earned per trimester.

Currently there are a total of six off campus cohorts with locations in Sussex Community College, St. Luke Baptist Church in Paterson, Jersey City Starting Points and our Rutherford, NJ campus.

Our Programs offer degrees in Elementary Education with the following tracks in K-5, P-3 with an English endorsement. Additional programs include: MAED in Special Education, Masters of education in Leadership and Master of Education in Principalship.

As a testament to Felician's dedication in preparing future teachers for the  workforce, all education majors are placed in weekly elementary education field settings. During these field settings students are given an opportunity to be mentored by highly qualified and dedicated teachers to learn: classroom management techniques, differentiating instruction strategies, and instructional assessment methods.

Students must complete a total of five field placements beginning with:

  • EDU 115 - Transitions into Teaching
  • EDU 302 - Junior Field
  • EDU 304 - Junior Practicum
  • EDU 400 - Senior Field

Full-time student teaching takes place five days a week for 15 weeks. Prior to enrolling in EDU 400 - Senior Field, students must pass the Praxis Exam in K-5 and P-3. Once the student successfully passes the Praxis exam, he or she must send their test results Teacher Education cohort office. Students will then be eligible to apply for Student Teaching once all outstanding courses are completed.

After successful completion of the Degree Completion Program and Student Teaching, the certification officer will assist students in obtaining their endorsements.