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The Teacher Education Certificate Program is designed for 1) those that already hold a bachelor's degree and seek teacher certification and 2) certified teachers looking to receive additional endorsements.

Students pursuing a secondary education certification must choose one of five content areas (Math, Biology, Art, History, or English.) Students Should have at least 30 credits in the subject they choose. Students pursuing an elementary education certificate (5-8) must choose one of five content areas (English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Art.) These students should have at least 15 credits in one of these areas.

Courses are offered during the days, evenings and weekends and students may go at their own pace, taking as many courses as they choose each semester.

All students must complete a student teaching component that consists of 15 consecutive weeks of full-time teaching five days a week in a school setting

Program Highlights

  • Evening and Weekend Classes available
  • Ideal program for those with a baccalaureate that seek teacher certification and those who seek additional endorsements
  • Choose from one of five content areas (Art (Fine Art) English, Math, Science and Social Sciences
  • Flexible scheduling-move at your own pace

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