Felician College supports YES vote on Building Our Future Bond Act

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Felician College supports Yes vote

The Building Our Future Bond Act, which will appear on the November 6 election ballot as a referendum question, is an important initiative that moves to keep the best students, innovators and entrepreneurs in New Jersey.

This Act, if passed, will authorize $750 million in state bonds for academics facilities improvements at colleges and universities statewide.

As Felician College continues to focus on growing enrollment and advancing its academic offerings, the Bond would provide support to help finance an Education Commons, an integrated learning facility to be located in what was the Library building on the Rutherford campus. The Education Commons design will give students and faculty access to the most advanced resources and methodologies, combined with fully-equipped, flexible teaching and learning spaces.

A consistent cutting-edge technology core that includes interactive podiums, touch screen system controls, state-of-the-art sound systems and wireless access will be designed into appropriate spaces to facilitate various styles of interactive learning and communication.

“We believe that providing students with the latest tools and technology are crucial for their educational experience as they prepare to face the future,” said Felician College President Dr. Anne Prisco. “Felician College fully supports the Bond Act and is urging our administration, faculty and students to also support the referendum on the November 6 ballot.”

In all, 49 higher education institutions stand to benefit from this critical funding source, with $50 million earmarked for private institutions. The last capital bond referendum for higher education in New Jersey passed with overwhelming support in 1988. In the 24 years since then, technology and research has changed dramatically.

Our students need and deserve a world-class education; passing of this referendum will help make that possible.

We urge you to vote “Yes” on the Building Our Future Bond Act on November 6 to help Felician College continue to provide its students with an opportunity to take their place in today’s marketplace.

For more information, visit buildingourfuturenj.com.