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Located just 12 miles from New York City, Felician College has two locations in Bergen County, New Jersey, in the towns of Lodi and Rutherford. These locations represent the best of both worlds as they are close to New York City but not engulfed in it. Felician's campuses are located in safe, suburban neighborhoods with tree lined streets.  Our residential community is within walking distance to shops, restaurants, a movie theater and a train service that goes directly to New York City. These two campuses are only about three miles apart, with regular shuttle service running between them throughout the day and evening hours. As a Felician student, you'll call both campuses home, as classes and activities invigorate both sites. Each campus is self-sufficient, with its own cafeteria, classrooms, academic and administrative offices, study lounges, computer labs, activities and more. Our Rutherford campus also houses two residence halls, where you may live as a student at Felician College. Our residential community offers the opportunity to interact with American students as well as students from across the globe studying at Felician College. The Rutherford campus also has a gymnasium, a late-night coffee shop, and a game room.

Lodi Campus

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Rutherford Campus

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Bus Information

Lodi Campus

Bus Line 160 - Towards NYC
-Saddle River Ave near Main Street

Bus Route 780 - Towards Passaic
-Passaic Street and Roosevelt Street

Rutherford Campus:

Bus Route 190 - Towards NYC
-Union Avenue and Prospect Place

Bus Route 190 - Towards Paterson
-Union Avenue and Wood Street

Train Information:

Lodi Campus:

Garfield Train Station (1/2 mile from Lodi Campus)
-Location: Somerset Avenue and Passaic Avenue

Rutherford Campus:

Rutherford Train Station (0.6 miles from the Rutherford campus)
-Location: Orient Way and Park Avenue