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Students at Felician College are advised and registered on the dates scheduled in the College calendar. Payment of tuition and fees must occur according to the policies set by the Business Office. Upon payment, students receive an authorized class admit slip showing courses for which they are registered. An admit slip must be shown to the instructor of each class at the first class meeting.


Matriculated students (those enrolled in a specific program) must see their Advisor during the Advising Period specified in the semester course brochure.

Students are responsible for the selection of such courses as will satisfy degree and certification requirements of Felician College for graduation. It is also the students' responsibility to repeat required courses which they may have dropped, failed, or, in the case of transfer student, which were incomplete at the time of transfer.  Current student who do not register during the specified Advising Period will be assessed a $35.00 late fee.

Non-matriculated students must consult with a staff member in the Advising Center.

All registration forms are completed during the Advising Period and are forwarded by the advisor to the Office of the Registrar for processing. Bills are mailed to the student Business office. Only upon completion of these procedures is the student registered.

The completion of the registration process requires that the student understand all fundamental regulations and policies necessary to meet defined standards for good academic performance at Felician College, as outlined in this catalog and other college publications.